Vic Henley

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Using his Southern “good ol’ boy” persona to first charm his audience, Vic Henley wins them over entirely with his well-crafted hunmor.  His improvisational ability, quick wit and high energy have earned him the reputation as one of the country’s fastest rising comedians.  His appearance has been described as “a cross between Opie Taylor and Don Rickles, or a potent concocoction of innocence and devilment.” This may explain why Henley can turn perfectly reasonable adults into guffawing idiots when he struts across the stage. 

Henley’s show covers a variety of topics including current events, sports, religion, relationships and politics.  This explains how he is able to entertain diverse audiences all over the owrld as evidence by his appearances at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival.  London’s Sunday Times quotes, “There’s something about his smooth southern drawl and beaming face that makes everything sound like a little message of love.”



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