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The Raspyni Brothers use audience participation, hilarious improvisation, and great comic dialogue to pack their time on stage with a dynamic mix of skill and style.  Golf clubs balance in impossible configurations and cabbages collide midair with flying blow darts while blazing torches, 16-pound bowling balls and razor-sharp garden weasels fly effortlessly overhead.

They create hilarious events that corporate audiences never forget. They understand the importance of corporate entertainment and they work hand-in-hand with you to get it right.

Whether you are looking for help at a trade show, a morning meeting “wake up”, a product launch, having them as Masters of Ceremony or as Keynote Speakers, these two catchers in the wry never fail to win over even the most demanding, hard-to-please crowds.

Trade Shows – Standing room only crowds are guaranteed when the Raspyni Brothers hit the trade show floor. Performing a rapid-fire routine that effortlessly weaves your key bullet points with uncontrollable laughter.

Morning Meeting “wake ups” An appearance by the Raspyni Brothers wakes up a morning meeting faster than a dozen Starbucks double cappuccinos. They are the perfect way to energize the crowd and set an enthusiastic, upbeat tone for the day.

Product Launches – The antigravity antics of the Raspyni Brothers will blast your next product launch into the stratosphere. Their comedy and juggling acts are the perfect illustration of the type of teamwork and calculated risk-taking necessary to bring a new product to market.

Masters of Ceremony – The Raspyni Brothers use their unlimited myriad of skills to keep meetings moving and on time. They present awards, introduce speakers, run general sessions, and make housekeeping announcements with a humor and flair that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Keynote Speakers – Nowhere are success principles such as teamwork, time management, risk-taking, and competitive excellence illustrated with more wit and wisdom than during this keynote presentation.

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