Scotty Cavanaugh

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For over 10 years, Scotty Cavanaugh has been captivation audiences with his clean comedy and award wining juggling skills. Whether it’s a small club of 50 people or a grand theater of 2,500 he’s done them all.

You’ll see balls spin like the Globetrotters, a back-flip mid-juggle, and playing cards shooting from Scotty’s hands like a mad man. He even juggles in the dark, with amazing laser light glow balls that float around stage like they are weightless in space. Scotty juggles ping-pong balls using only his mouth and balances objects on his eyeball. He throws giant cubes high in the air and finishes off his show juggling a bowling ball, knife and an ice climbing axe on top of a six foot unicycle. It’s obvious that Scotty truly loves what he does and so will your audience.



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