Rick Lewis

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World’s Funniest Waiter

Rick Lewis is a highly accomplished actor, comedian and circus performer who plays the part of the inept server beautifully and convincingly. Most of your guests will think Rick is a true waiter having the worst day ever.

Rick begins the evening just like any other waiter, dressed identical to the rest of the serving staff and doing his best to be respectful and attentive. Yet before long his eccentricites and oddities start showing and it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary waiter.

He’s first seen filling water glass from a several feet off the table, right up to the brim and beyond. Soon after he has silverware sliding off his tray and onto the floor with a clang and he’s crawling under the guests’ tables to pick it up. And that’s just the beginning as the World’s Funniest Waiter proceeds to ignore just about every guideline and rule for proper service – but not to worry – all of Rick Lewis’s crazy waiter act is perceived mismanagement of service. He won’t touch or ruin food, break things or spill drinks on anybody. It’s all very respectful actually, just downright eccentric.

As a segue from the funny waiter routine to your headline comedy show, the “waiter”, Rick Lewis, is asked either by the catering manager of the venue or by an organizer from your own organization to come forward and to apologize for the poor service. By this time the guests are feeling so sorry for the shy server that they almost come to his rescue, but once he shuffles out on stage looking terribly nervous, they’re in for a big surprise when the music starts playing, the serving jacket comes off and the entertainer launches into full stride.

With a highly polished timing and skill, Rick Lewis rivets the attention of your audience with juggling routines, balancing stunts, remarkable gymnastics, and finally the mounting of a 10 foot high unicycle!

Better yet, your guests are included in every aspect of the show and will howl with laughter and delight as they are drawn into the play and share the limelight with the headline comedian.

Rick is able to customize his headline act to deliver an appreciation message to the guests of your event, whether those guests are prospective clients whose business is appreciated, in-house staff whose dedication and hard work is appreciated, divisional, regional or national corporate staff whose vision and leadership are appreciated, or prospective customers whose time and attention are appreciated.

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