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Dallas, Texas

Talent Description:

Act: Middle-Eastern themed entertainment

Five talented dancers have joined to create the intoxicating blend of art and dance they call RAKSZ. Performing a wide variety of Middle Eastern dance styles including Classic Egyptian Belly Dance, Tribal Dances of North Africa, and Turkish Gypsy, RAKSZ ignites the imagination and tantalizes the senses with vibrant color, electrifying rhythms, and hypnotic fluidity.

Each RAKSZ dancer brings her exciting specialty to this group. In any performance, RAKSZ may delight its audience with trays of fire, flashing swords, enchanting veils, golden wings, and for the truly courageous, live serpents.  Combining extensive professional experience with years of intensive study in authentic Middle Eastern dances, the RAKSZ dancers are exceptionally qualified.

They have traveled and performed throughout the Southwestern and Southeastern United States, and internationally in Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Mali, Southern Spain, and the British Virgin Islands. Continually sought after to bring their dance magic to a wide range of venues, some of the most recent appearances include the lavish “Kasbah Spectacular,” produced exclusively for the main auditorium at the Texas State Fair, and the “7 Pleasures of the Casbah” National Tour for Camel cigarettes. Individually, RAKSZ members can be enjoyed performing at Middle Eastern restaurants and clubs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Whether planning an intimate birthday celebration at home or an elaborate banquet for several hundred of your closest friends, insist on the finest in Arabic-themed entertainment!



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