Pete Geist, The Wacky Waiter

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Talent Description:

Outlandish visual comedy will transform the stage into a whirlwind of energy as Pete Geist combines his unique blend of new vaudevillian skills and tons of zany audience participation.

The Wacky Waiter:

It’s 5 minutes before show time and your guests are anxiously awaiting tonight’s entertainment. You panic, your comedian had to leave because his wife went into labor! You explain to your guests you have a backup for the evening. It’s a staff waiter, but it’s his first night on the job.

This formal but buffoon-like waiter creates havoc, mayhem and laughs galore. Either as a stage or strolling act, bringing his dinner diversions to parties for all sizes of events: Awards banquets, cocktail hours, Christmas parties & corporate sales meetings.

Clients: Tenesseee Performing Arts Series, Musikfest, Int. Child Art, First Night Dover, DE, Chautauqua Arts Fest, Walt Whitman Cultural Center, The Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, PA, Appel Farms Arts & Music Center, NJ, The Music Hall, NH, John Anson Ford Amphitheater, CA, Earlville Opera House, NY, Mirage Hotel & Casino, NV, Jubilee CityFest, AL

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