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America is falling in love with Jeff Dunham and his cast of characters – Peanut, Walter and Jose Jalapeno…on a stick! It only takes a few moments in a Jeff Dunham Show to realize you’re in the middle of an unrivaled and extraordinary experience.  Through his partners, the comedian’s quick wit and expert interaction with the crowd energizes audiences in concert venues, comedy clubs and in corporate events nation wide.   

Dunham is the creator and straight man to some of the funniest half-pints in the show business.  Audiences return to see their antics year after year.  “These folks don’t keep coming back over and over to the shows because I’m a good ventriloquist,” says Dunham, “they love the little guys!”

Among Dunham’s sidekicks is Walter, an elderly curmudgion who speaks his mind about anyone and anything.  Jeff describes Walter as “the old coot that everyone can identify with…You’re either married to him, he’s your grandfather, he’s your boss or he’s you.

Next, there’s Peanut, a fuzzy purple “WOOZLE” who is an endearing lovable terror.  Walter calls jim a “Muppet on crack.”  Anyone who sits in the front row is fodder for Peanut’s verbal cannon, and he fires it regularly and unmercifully.

Finally, there’s Jose, a self-belittling jalapeno…on a stick!  He tells stick jokes and talks about living in a suitcase.

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