Jay Alexander, Master Magician

Event Type
Promotions, Corporate Events, Fundraisers

Talent Description:

Jay Alexander onstage means high-energy, intellectually stimulating entertainment. Funny and engaging, with a unique personality, Jay creates magic with the audience. In a “meeting of the minds”, Jay can reveal the words, names, and dates merely thought of by the audience. There’s more mental dexterity as Jay shows how cool math can be as “The Human Calculator”. The most unusual card tricks are performed in a hilarious and mystifying manner. To top it off, as “the Human Lie Detector,” Jay offers $1,000 to any audience member who can lie to him without getting caught. More than Magic, a Jay Alexander show defines FUN with style, wonder and laughter.


Welcome to the cartoon-noir universe of Jay Alexander’s New Swing Circus. This exciting new offering in themed events combines the mystery of a speakeasy and the thrill of vaudeville. Step into another era as a hired thug in a cool suit asks for the pass-word. Inside, a gangster’s moll in a tight red dress and plenty of rhinestone’s takes a swig from a martini glass. She then breathes a four foot flame toward the bar. Cigarette girls roam the crowd hawking goods from the Trick City Novelty Company. On stage the deliciously evil band leader inspires 10 pieces of brass to start blowin’ a swing number that would make Benny Goodman proud! The real fun starts when Jay Alexander hits the room at the speed of sound with a show combining the punch of vaudeville, the heat of a speakeasy and plenty o’ shtick! This show will make the joint jump like a cat on a hot tin roof.



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