Harry Maurer, Comedy Magician

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Talent Description:

Provide your guests with a dynamic, high energy magic show with Harry Maurer.  Harry Maurer, an internationally acclaimed entertainer has been featured in nightclubs, theaters, cruise ships and casinos around the world.

He has four different acts which allow you to pick the perfect one for your audience:

FULL STAGE SHOW is like having your own Las Vegas Production Show!

This exciting show can go for up to an hour and includes audience participation along wtih “Grand Illusions”.  It is designed for corporate meetings, large dinners and conventions.

SOLO CABARET SHOW – an energetic presentation of Comedy Magic along with Audience participation.This show is ideal for a large audience, but suitable for a small group as well. The shows can be 30 – 45 minutes in length.

PARLOR SHOW – A 30 minute solo show combining both Close-up magic and cabaret magic  that is perfect for small groups – typically for 25 – 50 people.

Imagine objects vanishing and reappearing only inches away from you! Borrowed dollar bills are torn and restored and then magically and visibly transformed into $100 bills! Objects appear in people’s hands and in their pockets!

This act can be presented in a living room, meeting room or smaller restaurant where other forms of entertainment typically will not fit!

CUSTOM SHOW – a show designed for your particular needs!

Do you need:

  • Eye-catching entertainment presented at your convention booth?
  • A product to float in mid-air for a trade show film?
  • Magic presented on the 50 yard line of a professional football game?
  • A custom illusion depicting an operating room of the future where the patient is floating in midair while being operated on by laser beams?
  • A custom designed award winning television commercial filled with startling-eye-catching magic?

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