Glen Anthony, The Clean Corporate Comic

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Whether you’re from Alabama, New York or Alaska you’re going to laugh at Glen’s Comedy. You’ll say to yourself “How did he know what I was thinking?” When Glen says “LIFE IS NUTS”, he’s speaking for everyone who’s had to deal with life’s craziness. He’s a funny, funny guy. Glen said, “My niece fell in love with this homeless guy, and she moved in with him!” “So I was talking to this homeless guy. Why do you need a cell phone?” He said, “because I‘m never home.”

Glen grew up in New York and is an accomplished musician. He also wrote a hit Country song “WHEN DID SHE FIND THE TIME” He just returned from a successful tour of Florida. He said “In one place they said “we’re old”. We had the late show 12 O’clock in the afternoon.

Glen is currently working on a one man Broadway show about his journey from a comedy club comedian to “LAST OF THE CLEAN COMEDIANS”

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