Doug Anderson Comedy Magic

Event Type
Corporate Events

Talent Description:

Are you looking for dynamic, clean entertainment for your next corporate event or church function?  Doug Anderson will customize his performance to fit your event.

Stage Shows: Whether its a small group of 20 or a large group of 800, your audience will be entertained by the standup comedy of Doug Anderson.  From hilarious routines created to putting an up-to-date spin on the classics like the linking rings, Doug’s professional attitude will make this a memorable event.

Close-up Magic: Your audience will be astounded at Doug’s dexterity and humor as he strolls through the crowd. His incredible ability to find selected cards under impossible conditions, his skill at vanishing coins only to have them reappear in the hands of a volunteer and his light-hearted humor makes it apparent that Doug loves to entertain his audience.

Trade Shows: Doug will keep a crowd entertained around your booth and intersperse his magic with topics about your product or service.  This will provide your sales staff a opportunity to chat with qualified prospects.

His is a show you will never forget. Experience it for yourself.



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