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Bring the Action Comedy of Dave and Anita to your event and be prepared to involve the audience in an interactive, stimulating and visually stunning performance.

This high-powered husband & wife team combines side-splitting laughter, daring juggling stunts, impossible Houdini-esque escape-art and mind-twisting mentalism for a truly unique comedy variety show!

Action Comedy amazes the crowd with razor-sharp wits and knives! Break the ice with the crack of a six-foot bullwhip and heat things up with six flaming torches. Toss in a fleet of flying machetes and a rain of bowling balls, and what’s the result? An audience cheering for more!

Customization – Dave’s and Anita’s unique blend of audience participation and improvisation coupled with an incredible visual performance creates the perfect environment for delivering corporate messages.

Dave and Anita can include your company’s themes, goals or even products in their corporate presentation. How about all of the above? For stage shows, trade shows, team-building and script customization, Action Comedy is the go-to act. Plus, they’ll even juggle around your CEO!

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