3 Fools on 3 Stools

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Music: Unique blend of Texas music featuring harmony & humor

A 3 Fools show offers a unique blend of excellent vocals, skillful guitar work and light-hearted patter. Taking a Round-Robin approach, the spotlight shifts from one Fool to the next as they each take a turn in the lead vocal position. Hilarious songs mixed with classic covers, radio play originals and show stopping three-part harmony tunes like “ Seven Bridges Road ” make for an engaging evening.

In the middle of a 3 Fools show everything stops for some entertaining musical games. Audience members compete for “fabulous gifts and prizes” guessing TV theme songs played on bass guitar, and then guessing famous song titles by identifying classic guitar “licks.”

3 Fools on 3 Stools turn any venue into a comfortable living room performance. Everyone that comes to enjoy a show is not only entertained, but made to feel right at home.

The band consists of 3 extremely talented musicians.  Curtis Tilton is an accomplished bass guitarist and vocalist with over thirty years experience as a professional musician, vocalist, engineer, and producer.

Doc Wesson has thirty years of “dues paid” experience in the entertainment business. Singing, writing, and performing music has taken him all the way from the house band at the legendary Palomino Club in North Hollywood California, to the stage of the Grand Ole Oprey singing and playing for Jeanne Pruitt.

Jim Richmond, AKA Diamond Jim, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer who has been performing music professionally for over 30 years. His wide range of musical abilities has placed him as a key player in 3 Fools on 3 Stools as well as popular studio musician. Playing acoustic / electric guitar, pedal steel, dobro, mandolin, and fiddle, Jim has worked and recorded with many Texas music artists.

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3 Fools on 3 Stools



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